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Dr. David Eskow

General Dentist

Dr. David Eskow received a BS from the University of Maryland College Park in Environmental Science and his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Dr. Eskow is proud to have served as a resident at Sinai Hospital where he became proficient at working in the emergency room. His responsibilities included treating recent immigrants who had received substandard care in their country of origin. The nonprofit initiative focused on establishing a high level of dental health.

Dr. Eskow began shadowing his father, Jerome V. Eskow, D.D.S. when he was thirteen. At that age he knew he wanted to join the 12 other dentists in his family. Over the years, through his formal education and years of being mentored by his father and uncles he acquired a passion for the profession of dentistry. He was able to combine his natural talents as a scientist and artist with his enjoyment of day to day interaction with families. His early experiences evolved into his vision for quality dental care with kindness and concern.

He holds dear to his heart the advice of his father, “always treat each patient as if they were a family member”. He learned many lessons from his father over his lifetime, one of which is, “define your success by the care you give your patients, both with your heart and your hands. . .there is no greater marker of success”

Dr. Eskow’s current practice reflects his early vision. Quality dental care delivered with kindness and concern is at the center of the practice. His specialties include cosmetic and restorative family dentistry. He loves working with people across the lifespan. He enjoys the child who is visiting the dental office for the first time as well as the ninety year old person who has been a patient for over 30 years. The office welcomes new patients and each individual becomes a valued member of the office family.

Olney, MD has been home for Dr. Eskow and his family since 1985. He and his wife Karen have three sons. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, hiking and pursuing various artistic projects.

Dr. Eskow works with an outstanding group of professionals committed to providing kind and responsive treatment. When building his practice, a priority has been to identify outstanding team members who share his values.

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