Why a Root Canal is Sometimes Necessary

Why a Root Canal is Sometimes Necessary 

Root canal treatment is required when the nerves within a tooth’s root have been damaged by either trauma or decay. To repair this damage, the tooth would need to be treated in almost the exact same manner as a filling, except that treatment would extend to the tooth’s roots.

The biggest misconception about root canal treatment is that the procedure is painful. In truth, the pain comes from ignoring an aching tooth for so long that the trauma or decay progresses to such a degree that the pain becomes overwhelming.

So, it’s not the procedure that hurts, it is the patient’s decision to avoid dental visits and early treatment when experiencing tooth discomfort. 

Some Good Things to Keep in Mind to Avoid a Root Canal

  • Pay Attention to Pain: When your teeth bother you, your body is saying something isn’t right in your mouth. For example, if you experience hot and cold sensations on a regular basis, or pressure sensitivity that comes when eating or closing your mouth completely, these could be signs that the nerve in your tooth is traumatized or damaged. Don’t ignore these signals, and contact your dentist. 
  • Address Anxiety and Stress: It has been said that grinding and clenching your teeth is the rough equivalent of having a 250-lb. linebacker sitting on your teeth at night. That doesn’t sound good, right? Well, it’s not, and it can severely damage your teeth, aggravate the nerve, and cause bone loss and headaches. See the dentist if you wake up with headaches in the morning, and ask whether they believe you might be a grinder. They can tell simply from looking at your teeth and your X-rays.

You’d be surprised at what can be done by your dentist to arrest nerve trauma when caught early. Don’t delay!