Don’t Ignore Constant Dental Pain – You May Need a Root Canal

Pay Attention to Pain: When your teeth bother you, this is a signal from your body that something is not right in your mouth. Here are three of the most common symptoms one can experience that may necessitate a dental evaluation:

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold: If you’ve experienced a certain degree of gum erosion, you have most likely had to deal with sensitive teeth. Some degree of sensitivity is common and normal. If it lasts for minutes or days at a time, you should see your dentist. Persistent discomfort can be an indicator of a loose filling, a small cavity, or the early stages of nerve trauma.

Pressure Sensitivity: This type of pain can often be an indicator of a cracked tooth, nerve trauma or a small cavity. If you experience this sort of pain, you’ll want to definitely visit the dentist before the problem advances. It’s worth noting that some people experience this sort of sensitivity after dental work, which typically goes away in 2-4 weeks. In some individuals, it can take months. However, do not wait too long without consulting with your doctor. Lingering pain (even after an exam) should be brought to the attention of your doctor after a week has passed. They will then let you know what your next steps should be.

In addition, this pain can be caused by an abscess, which is a serious infection that can spread to the bone. Infections of this nature can be fatal if not treated in a timely manner. It is always important to never ignore constant pain and pressure. Keep your teeth healthy by paying attention to your body’s signals; it is pretty good at letting us know when we need to confer with a professional!