10 Ways You Unwittingly Destroy Your Own Teeth


Using the Wrong Toothpaste: A mistake in this area can wear your teeth down for years without you having the slightest idea it’s happening.

  1. Chewing on Anything Other Than Food
  2. this includes ice!): Sometimes we develop the habit of chewing on pencils, pens and pen caps when we’re bored or focusing intently on some task at work.
  3. Constant Snacking: This habit causes your enamel to be in constant interaction with acids from food, which can wear away at your teeth. Even worse is snacking on sweet or starchy foods like mints, candy, throat lozenges or pretzels.
  4. Guzzling Fruit Juice: We know it’s hard to believe, but fruit juice packs nearly as much sugar as soda. Stick with water (either carbonated or flat).
  5. Drinking Sports Drinks Instead of Water for Hydration: Popular drinks in this category are high in acid as well, which eat away at tooth enamel.
  6. Opening Packages with Your Teeth: Just say no.
  7. Grinding Your Teeth: Check with your dentist since they’re able to tell by looking for signs of wear on your teeth. Then, ask them about mouth guards or splints to protect your teeth.
  8. Getting Pierced: Other than the fact that tongue and lip piercings can harbor bacteria that can lead to an infection, those little shiny objects also cause a lot of damage to your teeth.
  9. Speaking of Mouth guards: Mouth guards protect against the loss of teeth and damage to the jaw. There’s really no excuse for not wearing one if you’re involved in a contact sport.
  10. Excessive Bleachers: If you’re experiencing excessive gum and tooth sensitivity, you may want to take a break and speak with your dentist before continuing.