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7 Oral Health Concerns As We Get Older

Posted on: November 20th, 2015 by The DC Dentist

As we get older some oral health concerns are fairly common at the age of 50 and older, but if you adopt a proactive mindset and educate yourself, these concerns do not have to be common for you. Anticipating and recognizing changes in your mouth can help you be on top of your health in this area — so let’s take a look at the main ones you have to watch out for.

  • Dry Mouth:The most common oral health concern you’re likely to experience as you age is dry mouth. This has a number of contributing factors such as coffee, alcohol, salty foods, and the biggest one medications.
  • Ill-fitting Dentures:Dentures that cause pain or shift in the mouth tend to alter a person’s eating habits, which can lead to nutrition deficits if healthy, but hard to chew, foods are avoided.
  • Physical Obstacles to Good Oral Care: As we age, it becomes difficult to do everyday things, which leads to us to having less desire in the oral hygiene department. Arthritis, vision loss, or injuries can affect us. Brushing twice daily, flossing, and regular mouth rinse use can assist in keeping our mouths happy and healthy.
  • Naturally Receding Gums: While we get to a certain age, naturally receding gum lines is indeed natural, it exposes us to cavities along with tooth structure. The more brushing, flossing, and rinsing we do the better.
  • Gum Disease: Gum disease is preventable, while the above list can contribute, good oral care can prevent it. Failing to do so can lead to the need for dentures, pain, and swollen gums.
  • Tooth Loss: If a tooth is lost due to trauma or decay, and not replaced with a prosthetic or implant, it can cause complications to your jawbone.
  • Loss of Insurance Coverage: As we get older, we retire and sometimes we are without dental coverage. Lack of funds to take care of our teeth can be devastating to our health. Having a routine is very important and some sort of financial back up is always a plus.

For any questions or concerns in regards to your dental health, always remember you can call the office and one of our great doctors will be happy to answer.

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